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Monday, April 1

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My mom came to visit over the weekend. It was heavenly. Most babies do okay with one parent around, but this weekend we defined Rosalind as a Three-Adult Baby. Three adults is perfect. The house gets clean, the mom gets showered and deoderized, the baby gets fed, the percussions get done, the husband gets to go on runs, and the parents get to go on dates for the first time in three months. It was, in a word, awesome. My mom took off for home yesterday and now I am, in a word, still in my pajamas at 7pm.
Like I said. Three-Adult Baby.
For the first time, I got to make my mom an Easter basket, instead of things being the other way around. I hid Bryan's basket and hers outside and positively cackled with joy watching them search high and low. In this house, we believe that you don't get Easter treats without working for them.


Julianne Beecher said...

Looks so fun! Also, I want an Easter basket. Also, your mom is pretty. Also, I like you guys.

Javan and Heather Bowles said...

Family visits are the best. Seriously, they are what keep me sane! These kids are lots of work, aren't they? I am glad having your mom around let you have some Sara time...even if it just meant you got to shower. Because, let's face it, even just a shower can make everything seem a little better. So, I read your blog last night on one of the billionth times my child was up, and I had a dream that I came to help you. I wish it were true! You are amazing for doing Easter baskets this year...I figured Liam was too young to care, so no one got one. I did make yummy food though. And we got new Easter clothes. I figured that was good enough. Anywho...longest comment on the planet.

Angela Chavez said...

I feel like I want to come to Montana and squeeze the crap out of you guys. It's been forever, and now there's a BABY!

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